Saturday, 25 January 2014

I recently became a Cat owner, and so much more

Holla lovies! So this is my first update for the year, and I am pretty preoccupied with a lot of stuff so I didn’t get to start writing again until now. So updates:
  1. I’ve recently become a cat owner- well by being an owner I mean I officially gave name to a cat who my mom has been feeding for the past 6 months. So yeah, it is weird in so many levels, because Cats are not cuddly, at all. And I think I should be somewhat upset because, he is like that, but I don’t care. Maybe I am more of a cat than I led myself to believe. And btw, his  name is Fitzgerald. I find my self screaming Sir Fitzgerald! whenever I get upset at him, which is weird.
  2.  I think I developed Stockholm syndrome at work, because I am finally getting comfortable with the people I am working with, cause they can be a bunch of buffoons most of the time. Well, that or I just really stopped caring altogether, cause they still gossip about me, and it doesn’t matter anymore. I even find myself laughing with (and mostly at them) sometimes. Imagine that.