Tuesday, 2 June 2015

This Time Last Year I Couldn't Sleep Beside You

(Intended date of Publication: April 18, 2015, but life took over)

So I traveled to get to you, it was late and we are both tired.  What made me smile was the fact that you waited for me.
I lay on bed next to you for the first time, and I am fully awake. I am too aware of your breathing and the every beat of your heart.
At the crack of dawn, you hands found me. The right hand on my shoulders, enveloping me and trying to coax slumber to arrive, while your left hand was on my hair, petting me like a cat. I am a picture of contentment.
In less than 24 hours the next day I tasted your lips on mine. Your lips is a fountain I wanted to drown myself into.
I miss you today. I miss you most days actually, but today I will be saying it out loud, and so my dear let me write about you