Monday, 15 September 2014

A PAGE OFF FROM MY JOURNAL: Surviving College, Student Orgs Edition

     Joining a student organization is said to be one of the essential experiences when you are studying in College. You know what I mean, fresh out of high school, you find yourself in a somewhat foreign place, far from the comfort of some of your closest high school friends and bombarded by this weird lifestyle called College. And out of nowhere come these student organizations with all of their offerings on how to fit in better in this new academic battle ground.

     My introduction to student orgs, as most call them, went a bit too meticulous. When I was just a freshman in College I joined a student organization that passed all the requirements I was looking for which are, first t must contribute something to my studies but is still considerably fun. Secondly, it should in no way resemble a fraternity or would require some sort of hazing as their initiation process. And lastly, one that would not require most of my time. I landed with an org that focuses on counselling and facilitation training, skills that I deem would be beneficial for me as a psychology student.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

1 to 25: Goin' quarter of a century

So at the beginning of this month, I sort of gave myself a writing assignment, that is to blog everyday until my 25th birthday :))) And needless to say I wasn't able to follow through. It's been a busy start of the month for me and a majority of the time I had was away from a computer let alone a stable internet connected gadget. So here are some updates of the days went by with my blogless (?)

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

3 to 25: Illusions

I whispered your name into my darkened room, half waiting half hating for and with myself, thinking you'll answer back.

It's too cold tonight, I need the illusion of your arms and the promise of safety your embrace brings.

Friday, 5 September 2014

8 to 25: Going in Circles (Sort of Quarter life Crisis)

When I was in my juniors back in High School, one of our seniors whom I am especially close to, told me that those who want to become writers do not succeed and while those who just simply want to write do not care about success. At such a tender age I considered that piece of advise as such a revelation. 2 years after, I enrolled in a state University for a degree in Clinical Psychology, and that's about as near as I can get to writing. I guess you could say that I ran away, it was my first love after all, but practicality and that doubt that I may not be good enough were great reasons for me to choose another field instead.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

9 to 25: Plip-Plop of Raindrops and The Loss of Gilas

I arrived early at the arranged place where we would meet. I left the office as soon as I could because I already anticipated that the rush hour coupled with the heavy rain would only result to an unbearable traffic. We must have an hour headway if I want to make it to the screening. I told her that we have to meet at 6:30pm at a Mall, a popular stop, just near the train station, take a jeepney to the University theater and we could purchase the ticket for the screening with plenty of time to grab something to eat while watching the film.

6:25pm, I called her cellphone, wondering what time she left the house, her mother picked up telling me that she left about 10 minutes ago without the phone. Geeze, now I'm worried. I tried to push the dread down, fighting the thought that we might not be able to locate each other with the crowd by the entrance of the mall thickening every minute. I decided to give her 30 minutes considering that the traffic will be slow paced as compared to the 8-10 minute that it'll normally take from her house to where I am. She's not a child anymore I know, but thinking how upset she'll get if we didn't meet is just a bothersome thought.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

10 to 25: Ponderings

I shall stop saying one thing and do just the opposite. I am a mighty hypocrite at times and I will stop being one or at least die trying. I have to turn things around, and try really hard on working on the things that truly matter, it'll save me the heart aches in the end.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

11 to 25: Cinemalaya X Goes to UP

Beyond the high school vibe and the rosy hue that only a first love can cast, "1st ko si 3rd" takes a closer look at an ageing woman's perspective on life in general, her idiosyncrasies, her marriage and her fight against cruel time. It also reiterate that great things demand sacrifice and persistence. Real Florido's story-telling was upbeat and uncomplicated, and the realism of it all is just heart breaking. A movie that would remind you that even old people are indeed, and still people too.