Thursday, 11 December 2014


“You are nothing like her...,” is what your card said. It sat atop my old moss green luggage, waiting for me to do something about it. I entered your apartment in a daze, confused with the bareness of it, with just the clatter of the keys echoing, welcoming me. Empty and discarded, with everything that once brought it life, gone. And like a lost kid, waiting for me amidst its emptiness is my old luggage. It looked so out of place in all that space. I wanted to hug it; or rather I wanted it to hug me. Desperate times call out for desperate measures, doesn't it?

“You are nothing…”

This already feels like a nightmare

Saturday, 6 December 2014

UP Writers' Night

So pumunta ako sa UP Writers' Night marami akong napagtanto:

1. I'm hopeless sa pagbabasa kay Google Map, I understand directions much better kung galing sa tao with landmarks and all, wag lang basta "take a left here and a right there..."

2. For her: Yes dear, malapit ang UP Executive House sa College of Architecture, mas madaling tumbukin yung daan from kay Oble kesa magmula sa C.P Garcia (o baka naman yung isa pang Executive House yun, may dalawa daw kayo sa Diliman eh) tapos lakad ng kaunti at may 3 nagsasangang daan, Lakandula ata yun tapos Kalaw and then isang diretso, di ko maalala yung name pero dumiretso ako. Madadaanan yung Archi Building, tapos diretso lang and then a right, may makikita kang sort of barrier, follow the trail upward at yun na yung UP Executive House.